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3D Motion Design Show 2020

(Week 7 - loads going on!)

So my inbox seemed to be overflowing with invites to lots of online shows, this looked good to me because of the 3D pathway and VR/AR combination that I will be doing in my MA.

Keep playing...

I watched tutorials on Cinema 4D by Andrew White. As a creative director he spoke of the current projects and his sideline projects the play arounds that he does in his spare time. These - much like a sketch book - influence a new client brief, if you have worked out a cool look that can be applied to a client project things can come together quickly. I liked the idea of PLAY, its really important when you design or paint, accidents can make great results and if you don't try something you don't know.

Whilst clicking on the other talks I came across a game talk about Hellblade. This was really interesting on a number of levels. The software and the game play have become one... the merge of real time action and in game exploration is mind-blowing.

I watched an interview: 07 OCT BAFTA CREW GAMES MASTERCLASS: TAMEEM & HELLBLADE Tameem spoke about exploring psychosis within the game, enhancing the character with attributes that would describe how she felt teemed with the game action. They did lots of research on how psychosis made those suffering from it feel, here is a quote from that research:

"Everything is in bits. Like a photograph thats torn and put together again. If you move its frightening"

I scrolled through their work and came across another film where they made a virtual human: 18 MAR DEVELOPMENT DIARY 21: MAKING A VIRTUAL HUMAN

This video demonstrates the actress working live on a script and being directed to be in a situation. She develops your story, it was mesmerising, putting that together with the action and direction and the narrative of the character it seemed to me that the team (Ninja Theory, Epic Games, Cubic Motion, 3Lateral, Xsens, Ikinema, Technoprops) had broken the 5th Wall... Virtual interactive live fantasy play (the fourth wall being Bertold Brecht's involving the audience in actions/monologue that the other characters on stage cannot see).

Screenshots from the Hellblade Video's:

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