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Nothing strikes fear into a designer than a new programme that you have not a clue how to use... I defy anyone to say that they enjoy the process of "where has that gone" "why cant I do that" "its disappeared!" "it looks nothing like I thought"

This is currently my experience using 3D software called Blender my goodness it is awesome and I am super excited to create all the possibilities I have in my head... but this is going to be a real mountain to conquer and one which was the reason I came to start my MA.

A Masters qualification gives you time to involve yourself into a process, be guided and supported with the work and help you gather the momentum you need to fly. At least this is what I am hoping!

The 3D environment has never been more relevant, no longer sidelined to the movies, expectations of 3D work, characterisation and movement sits alongside the algorithms of social media and brand engagement. The rise of the Metaverse will see a serge in creation of 3D items required to build user interfaces in the new world.

My inspiration for my module started with the BBC advert for the Winter Olympic games 2022.

Developed by BBC Creative, the first spot is a mixed-media animation piece, which combines stop-motion, in-camera effects and 3D-printed frames. Directed by Balázs Simo, the video was created by animation studio BlinkInk and film studio Glassworks. Music was provided by Gas Music.

I enjoy all forms of creativity and have always wanted to experiment with materials, my problem with starting 3D is that the possibilities are endless, and trying to hone the project down to one point seems a very big task.

The reason I like the BBC ad is that it combines, 3D printed material, film and animation the concept and storyline is engaging and purposeful, the texture of the creations is believable even if the snow characters are not real... suspended belief is the thing that film does best and enhancing that with 3D tools shows creativity and narrative to be endless.

Here is my 3D scanned pebble placed into Augmented Reality, the first dive into this new space.

Creation of the OBJ files for this relied upon scanning the item. created in Qlone

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