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Adding characters to design

DM7903 Boost your Good

The project I had set up for a social media app that enabled you to gain a positive profile online, required a lot of different elements in order to make it work.

I had selected the comic book genre to enable me to hook the audience with the notion of feel good hero types, battling agains the demons of bad news social media.

Boost Your Good works to achieve boost points in the shape of hearts for social posts you create and those that you re-share. They then go into a table and as you post more, help more or fundraise your boost points earn you exclusive badges, hopefully reaching the influencer status and a badge from the UN.

Through the project I had so much to research the 12 week window went by extremely quickly. I wasn't able to develop my own characters so I had rot find some ready mades to help me present the look and feel I wanted.

This was the first logo iteration placed onto a comic book story from the 1950s. Captain America - an ultimate hero! I liked the dynamism of the illustration and the colours worked perfectly with the colours I had selected for the app - which also linked to the 17 SDGs.

These are the six characters I have mocked up to help me promote the six themes within my app, my aims was then to make 6 villains so that a nigger narrative could begin.

I created the media posts for my app prototype, using a filter process onto free images or bought ones. The look it gave my imagery set the right tone I think.

I did want to draw some characters to use in my work. The Tyrell's crisps adverts and my montage approach had give me ideas to recycle 1950s art.

I bought a Hero man for the onboarding page of the prototype:

I think he worked well and gave the comic genre theme I desired.

I also purchased from iStock Some hero women, I like the illustrators style, but it was less comic book like... I also changed the colours to reflect the brand of Boost Your Good.

While looking at characterisation I also found myself researching comic illustrator greats from the golden age os comics to the present day. Comic books sit within a global family, they are a genre that crosses over many boundaries and all have a unique style, the opportunities are endless.

My particular favourite was the comic noir by

My attempt using photos to recreate the mood.

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