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Adobe Max conference 2020

In Week 6 I also signed onto the Adobe Max conference. I had a need to see what other designers were doing and not feel that their achievement we so far out of my reach. My course has allowed me to play with software that could give me immediate results and the conference also showed that.

I had chosen my DMP pathway in Wk6 I decided to follow a non specified pathway mainly as the areas I would like to have knowledge in are; Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 3D design. With this in mind I selected the talks and areas of interest to these new fields I will be studying for my MA.

I was totally excited after each presentation, and inspired me to think that I could create such things for myself. Watching a presentation on Adobe Aero for beginners really made my mind start to think about my current clients and how I could use AR for them. I work with a lot of tourist destinations and AR would be perfect to enhance a visitor experience.

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