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Comics and Heroes


My project is about spreading joy and happiness, about raising up those who do good and building yourself a more positive social profile.

Recruitment agency can use your social profiles to see what kind of employee you would be, having a good deed profile would compliment the other social profiles we all have, and what we use them for:

Linkedin - business focussed

Facebook - keeping in touch with the old folk

Twitter - what?

Instagram - social influence and beauty our visual collection

TikTok - fun, music, entertainment, challenge led

Using the UNs 17 points of sustainability and the link with the scouting movement, both of their aims as organisations use these 17 points to form their education and community work, this inspired me to think more about the app I want to develop.

I am thinking of utilising the trope of comic books - heroes of good vs evil

Honesty will triumph over underhand naughtiness.

The visuals that would be used would appeal to the youth and the older audience, the pop art and comic strip illustrations would be great for such a project. Adverts and engagement could be high with such a visual looks and feel and ultimately a brand.

The comic book hero as shown here in Somersethouse house instagram post:

Horace Panter created the Bigger splash for Beano's 80th anniversary, high art meets low art? The characters of Dennis the Menis and Gnasher have withstood the test of time, enjoyed by millions and moving its story with the times. Comics have a quality about them which allows for political commentry, British artist Gerald Scarfe is one of the world's best-known political cartoonists.

Moralistic stories are used to entertain and frame a societies conventions, comics play on these ideas and can comment on future ideas - for example the Simpsons making Donald Trump President (March 19, 2000).

Folk Law and fairytales have the characters of good and evil - best known are the collection of stories by the Brothers Grimm - they collected through their travels stories from around Europe and found a commonality between themes, helping them to produce their own book.

British edition of 1909

These fables have disseminated into popular culture through books, cartoon and films. Snow White being of particular note, as Walt Disney's first 1937 musical comedy fantasy animated film.

The first Marvel Comic was published cover dated October 1939. The first superhero was Detective Comics Inc (DC) Superman DC published 5 years before Marvel. The widest know baddie is Thanos thanks to the Marvel universe set of films.

Marvel produced a Hero project set of comics aimed at children, each character had a different super power: empathy, limb difference, lost his eyesight, power of puzzles, hearing aids, community service, love of reading, amplify the voices of other indigenous children, loves proving people wrong, give back to those who serve, build more homes, protecting national monuments, care and safekeeping of all kinds of creatures, distribute solar-powered lamps, science for good, seeds of hope growing food, provide community outreach and support for families. There are twenty episodes overall and are a streaming cartoon over Disney+.

The marvel heroes project can see it has a thread into the 17 SDGs and the worldwide support projects that we as a world need to address.

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