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Crafting a personal vision statement

DM2113 - social media class

For a few years now I have had a screensaver that has kept my eyes focused on my aims for future goals and how I can achieve that. Crafting a personal vision seemed very strange, questioning who I am, what I stand for and how I want to be thought of.

Research has shown that a personal vision statement can help people pass from a cycle of stress to one of more balance.

In the betterup website they state that having a personal vision statement has these five benefits:

  1. It becomes easier to make decisions.

  2. It provides you with a sense of direction.

  3. It helps you determine your long-term and short-term goals.

  4. It will provide you with motivation during tough times.

  5. It will help you live a balanced life.

As a freelance designer I have worked a lot on my own retaining client relationships and seeking new opportunities - but the lack of interaction with others can knock your confidence, and make you question your personal skills and abilities.

I used some different heading than the people at Betterup, my method involved writing lists. under 4 headings: Life experiences, My Passion/calling, core values, what motivates me.

From the words I created this statement:

These statements have been great, as I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone and part of that was to challenge myself with my MA. so with that alone I tick the first 4 statements off!

The next idea I wanted to speak about in class was the ways in which we could draw up and brainstorm ways to describe our personal brand. I called it a plan of action...

Creating a storyboard of my statements and my feelings, was good fun when I merged them with a previous photography project.

Brainstorming below using a mind map method can allow you to make links and utilise primary more important actions.

Word bank or statement bank, bringing ideas and themes together, in a list and with sentences. Allows for ideas to flow and links with words

And of course we can all dream! make a plan add you name and date to it and see if you can achieve those things, a new car or job, move to the seaside or a trip to see turtles... anything. is possible, from dreams plans are made.

Hope you have found these things useful, give them a try they really do work!

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