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Decentralised web - what does that mean?

From the Internet Archive I stumbled across a very informative blog on how we can take action on the issues of trust and power on the web, and how our actions can counteract the energy consumption of our world.

In a new idea that I am trying to understand Kelsey Breseman says "The decentralised web offered broad distribution and a blockchain-backed provenance. So the decentralised web can — at least theoretically — help to protect the environment through the preservation of critical data.... high energy consumption increases carbon emissions, oil and coal extraction and burning, and so on. And so, decentralized web technology contributes to the destruction of habitability on our planet. "

In order to try and offset the expense of the high energy use companies will try to help things via “net zero” — 'we’ll emit carbon, but then try to balance it out.' Breseman goes on to point out that "And of course, even renewable infrastructure has an ecological cost (e.g. materials extraction) — so though decarbonisation of our energy infrastructure is an important objective"

Cryptocurrencies rely on energy-intensive proof-of-work as a mechanism for stability, the currency works because it is difficult to obtain, and increasingly so over time. Cryptocurrencies are a protest against the power and control of traditional banks and government control, they aim to disrupt and displace.

from this economic view we can see how firstly our desire for energy is boring the world, and secondly how much more need to be done with renewables... our consumption is outstripping the resource we have.

the UN's 18 SDGs are trying to bring to the forefront the 18 points to enable people all over the world to work together on a common cause. this should be for each and every one of us right the way through to corporations and governments.

Understanding the power behind what we design and how we create things cannot be seen as a stand alone position, as a designer I affect what happens on the planet as much as the person who never recycles.

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