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Week 1 - Emerging media

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Module: DM7917

I have had a brain storming session about my new module, a conversation with my tutor led me to discover that I could focus on the other part of my creative life - my paintings.

I am thinking about the "ways of seeing" and perhaps investigating the human gaze, our expectations of it with regard to new and emerging media.

I started to put together a timeline of emerging media... against the backdrop of contemporary art movements:

"How do we know where we have arrived if we cannot see where we have been." quote by me :)

Pulling my ideas together from art history and the 'Gaze' I cite Manet's work called 'Olympia' a much researched and talked about piece of art where the subject looks out challenging the gaze of the viewer. Below is the start of my thoughts on a Padlet:

Thinking about art galleries and audio tours that happen in that situation, the hand held devices could do more? The interaction with the artwork could be a point of choice and discovery, bringing the sense of the gallery to life and beyond the reality in front of you.

First digital museum in Japan: Mori Building Digital Art Museum - 50 installations by teamLab:

Isn't it great... an experience that you wander through without a headset...

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