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Guest lecture.... No2

This was a guest lecture for first year students on the BA graphic design degree, the use of journals in creative working life.

Presentation on journals
Download PPTX • 242.35MB

My presentation spoke of the process I use to make journals that explore concepts and the notes and sketches I use when speaking with clients about projects. I wanted to encourage the students to explore their own visual language by pointing out to them that their view point is individual and there perspective is unique. Journal keeping can help them work out what is important to them, and what works with their style, especially if they are trying to position themselves in a freelance market place, they need to understand their USP.

I bought some simple lined notebooks and asked them to think about what was important to them - how they felt today or to think ion something that makes them angry/sad. I asked them to draw one page in their book and then to carry on this process to inform their projects.

Below is my sketchbook... I hope they have made and effort on theirs....?

The students did ask questions and had a thoughtful response to some of the questions I asked them, overall I think this presentation went well. :)

this is my sketchbook where is yours?
Front of mini sketchbook

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