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into the Metaverse

faces on polaroid film with layered text
Created in Photoshop 1998 by Tina Scahill


Oh what wonders, I have dipped my toe into the Metaverse.

A metaverse, where you can link to your discord social network account and purchase extras and adorn your avatar in the virtual world with new things!

We all land in the plaza where you can then teleport to other worlds and games. I entered a virtual gallery, where they had created the building and curated the art within it - 'Luminous features'.

It was amazing to see lots of people arriving but not having a clue what to do. We were all stood like sheep, crashing into each other like tadpoles, getting to grips with controls and generally trying to figure out the one question "what the hell do I do now?"...

The reason I chose to go to this metaverse was from the article I have recently read in Creative Review regarding Selfridges selling NFTs ( and having the exhibition for those in Decentraland, article here:

Visuals below:

Article by Creative Review 2022
NFTs by Selfridges

My experience in the meta verse was not like the one above... but similar to the artist representation below. Separation, individual, lost and unable to participate... there are no instructions - you are blind in the meta verse, it is a case of picking it up as you go along...

online article by eflux. Work here for education purposes
Work by Ugo Rondinone exhibition 2022

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