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King Johns house

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Preparatory prom for the KJH Tender. by Tina Scahill

Poem for king Johns house.m4a
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This project proposal was my first bid tender for arts work as an associate CAS artist.

The KJH (King JOhns House - Ramsey) project was completely fascinating, the stories that could be told could definitely build into a body of work.

The project was to encourage engagement with the building, lots of people engage with the gardens. Marc the curator wanted the texture of the place to come through. The stone and flint building is original. repurposing of the building modified over the time using handmade bricks.

History: The church court was the poor part of Romsey from the Regency period to the 20th century, it showed 17 dwellings and 70 people lived in the close. KJH has been a building of high status that has then had the misfortune of becoming a poor building. Romsey Abby were the custodians of the building Rums Egg = the old English term for Romsey.

Characters who lived there:

Waddam - related to Jane Seymore

Braiser - put in the bone floor

The building was:

  • A Fellmongery - a dealer of skins and wool

  • Regency period and the Georgians, looked after the people in the towns, giving them jobs and skills to benefit society. they were overseers of the poor. And weaving happened on site, the decline of the industry occurred as it was lost to the industrial revolution.

  • 1200 - 1926 the area declined into tenement slums.

Word cloud words from the guided tour:

Tapestry to celebrate the weaving

Audio recordings

Queen Ann cottages



A soundscape required

Important aspects of the building:

Hall house - medium sized building with a solar for the aristocracy to pray in - a withdrawing room.Windows curtains & shutters.

Preserved Medieval Graffiti, preserved beautiful plaster stone work.

I think an audio introduction by mark would be wonderful to set the scene.

The project proposal was unsuccessful but I enjoyed the research and interview process.


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