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S2 AR & VR - Week 1

Straight into semester 2... started by reading some of the core books on the topic of AR & VR, I know of the subject but don't KNOW it...

Virtual World design by Ann Latham Cudworth, was a really good starting point, it gave me a historical context to AR & VR. In Cudworth's book 'the nature of reality and virtual reality may have started with Plato (424-348BC) and Aristotle (384 - 322BC)' virtual worlds can be referenced in Plato's 'Allegory of the cave'.

Interesting podcast here: (9 mins in)

In this podcast, David Nicholson speaks with Professor Grace Ledbetter from Swarthmore College. Grace Ledbetter is an Associate Professor and Department Chair, Classics, and Associate Professor of Philosophy. (15.02.2018)

Prisoner in the cave can be seen as an allegory to education... it requires struggle, prepared to be wrong, to be dragged out of the cave, thinking about your values and convictions to be challenged. The path to knowledge. Cite Prof. Ledbetter

So I am thinking that AR & VR are going to go deeper than I thought than. just a headset!

Historical virtual realities are From l'oeil, photorealism, projected images "phantasmagoria (circa 1799)"magic lantern theatre, birth of cinema 1895 Luminere brothers. 'The arrival of the train at the station' people who saw this for the first time screamed and ran as they thought the train was going to run them over... the realisation that the concept of their own reality had been changed, the shift between reality and imposed real images confused their state, and we now also seek to escape from reality via the Virtual reality experience.

Roman Mosaics could be said to be the first computer screens made up of pixels (pg4, Cudworth 2014)

Military use of VR dates back to WW1 flight simulation by Admiral Louis de floored (1889-1962), and then so on and so forth into technology advances and gaming of the 1990's to open simulation of 2007 to Oculus rift of 2014...

I dug out my Google Cardboard, and had a play with the Within App and thoughts about how the material is produced.

and of course where would I be without a MASLOW theory.... yep here he is again... this time relevant for the VR world...

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