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S2 AR & VR Week 10

Research is the name of the game this week.

We set up an Occulous rift in a VR format using Unity scripting:

A note that I took away was the point that premium frame rates should be set for 90-120 FPS to stop motion sickness also the quality of the equipment is essential to help with that. I was thinking about this with the use of a headset for an immersive VR experience for anxiety, this would need to be stable enough as to not affect the user and bring on an 'unsafe' experience.

With the use of AR and VR becoming a new way of experience the statistics to prove that this area will expand can be seen just from the predicted sales of headsets:

VR in other forms

Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel one of the first scenes show the main character Peter Quill AKA ‘Star Lord’ utilise a historic recording of life on the planet Morag, before it became a desolate wasteland, the recording is overlaid onto the vectors of the area Peter is walking, the imagery is outlined and placed in the area creating a AR vision of the history of a place. He uses the tech to show him where the temple is that houses (unbeknown to him) an infinity stone.

The use of CGI in the film format has to allow the storytelling to occur as part of the natural order of the movie, Quill Splashes in puddles on the planet Morag, can be seen as both referential (it evokes the iconography of Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain) and nostalgic (what kid doesn’t enjoy jumping in puddles?). The creatures that help set the scene (all in CGI) become believable in their presence - being kicked out of the puddle and by being made into a microphone (a cosmic hairbrush karaoke). storytelling CGI and blending of the notion of a frame of past and present actually can show us a future we could live in by virtue of VR.

This got me thinking about the connections between our recorded lives now, and how these data snippets could be used in a future. to allow us to relive an experience of part of history, to develop perhaps a greater understanding. This leads me to think about a podcast I heard on Radio 4 :

Philosopher Professor Nick Bostrom, theorises that our world is just a simulation… so if we simulate a previous existence this could be an infinity loop of a reality.... mind blown!

3D max show

Amazing work showcased from a designer at the 3D max show, - so sleek, a real inspiration, mixing filmatic and graphic elements.

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