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S2 AR & VR - Week 4

Can I get Holooooooooo...... Lense!

Yesssss you can!

I had a couple of days trying out a HoloLense by Microsoft. I have used google cardboard and done 3D /4D cinema, but never used a virtual reality headset before.

It was brilliant, the tutorial for how to use the actions in the demos and games was useful, but actually exhausting! I do suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome so having to keep my arms in front of the sensor lense, and use hand gestures that we not within my normal range did make me ache. It did make me wonder about the usability for those without dexterity, but they provided a clicker tool - so they have thing covered.

The HoloLense is a very smart piece of kit, comfortable and with a few drawbacks it was easy to use. I enjoyed blasting aliens and looking at life size skellingtons also 3D interactive city map, where energy production could be shown and described in the virtual world.

It gave me a real sense of how people could interact in a virtual world, you see it on TV but it is not the same as playing it.

This weeks lecture involved utilising the 3D space in Unity, we built a image target and created an effect on top of it. My target was the medal below. we combined 3D audio and visual elements.

IBM Ai chat bot webinar..... deep dive

I also attended a IBM deep thinking exercise: . It was to create a chat bot single turn exchange, in Watson Assistant. I wanted to seek out how this assistant can be placed onto your website; for accessibility and as an idea of how I could have something similar in the App to help and answer simple questions.

It gave me and insight into the program and how it is used in todays interfaces.

Development of AI and the demand for computers to give us answers, is an area that I have to acknowledge for the development of any future engaging interaction within VR and AR.

Good place to go to for info and code:

ROYAL Academy (RA) - artists using AR and VR to create >

In my quest to find out more about the emergent VR technologies, I always go back to the great academic institutions the RA being one, they have been teaming up with Immerse UK to bring together the world of art and technology:

“We’re very passionate about democratising and accessing information, and with virtual reality you can democratise access to experiences. You can take people to places they’ve never been before. You can enable artists to create things that weren’t really possible before. At the same time, you as an individual could become anyone, go anywhere and create anything. What we want to be doing is helping these artists and curators reach a global audience, but also by reaching that global audience we will attract new audiences to global reality. So, we’re kind of accelerating the ecosystem around arts and virtual reality. That’s what we’re trying to do here.” — Rikard Steiber, HTC

Another example of tech is: Tilt Brush by Google good examples here:

I really liked Stuart Campbell's work (AKA sutueatsflies):

then future dreaming title I liked as it linked to my App walking and traveling to a new state of mind.

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