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S2 AR & VR Week 8


Ok so this week I downloaded blender I won't have the time to learn this program inside out - but after my session with Sam - I needed to enable some 3D items into the programs I may use, either Unity or Adobe Aero.

I need to create the elements to add to the walk through or app clicking, I want to make the AR environment interactive, and tell the important story of place, enable secure feelings and interactions that lead the story to a new place.

My fountain has been created in Illustrator, I work in Photoshop and Illustrator a lot, so was comfortable with the design. I have chosen my MA to push myself out of the comfort zone, so I am watching a fair few hours of blender tutorials. The new layout of blender means that it has a similar look to Unity, so I hope that I can convert that knowledge into the creation of the items I will need.

I played with the 3D function in Adobe PS just to see what results that could give me. Here are the results of my testing. 1) 3d using mesh cylinder, 2) 3d extrusion and 3) 3d mesh from depth map solid extrusion. limited results on making my fountain 3D but useful to know what the 3D meaning is in PS.

During the week 8 lecture we looked at file formats I would need to export for cross platform in order to get the items to work with an Occulous rift and Unity.The OD file extension is known as Mascopt Graph Request File which was developed by INRIA/UNSA. The SDK is important to develop something that works for the user. XR interaction toolkit is what drives the VR interactivity across the platforms without having to code, the plug in for this will allow the space to work from our game play.


Also this week I researched the notion of self care, people are much more widely into using tech (since the rise of mobile phone connectivity and usage) to investigate their own health. The examples of Apple watches being able to tell if you have taken a fall, monitoring your heart rate or sleep patterns shows our interest in interrogating technology to provide answers to our first questions about our health. The app I aim to develop also hopes to guide the user in their journey on how the app can help them feel better about situations, bringing them a moment of calm, or even requesting help if they reach a point in the user journey where they may be exhibiting real mental health concerns.

Filippo Lanzi, Regional Head, EMEA GSK Consumer Healthcare provided some information and statistical data on the pandemic changing perceptions of how important self care is. Key findings from the research, which surveyed 4,400 participants aged between 16 and 75 years in Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.



This app developed with funds from the NHS England Staffordshire's technology enabled care programme, gives practical illustration to the variations of pulse and heart rate when someone is in AF (Atrial Fibrillation).

'Engaging patients and triggering self-care: using Intelligent Augmented Reality apps' the investigation by Thanh Phan, Luke Bracegirdle and Ruth Chambers published in the BMI, Vol. 70, Issue 692 March 2020. looks at engagement of the subject to track their own heart rhythm and notice changes.

The development and validation of the State Self-Compassion Scale by Neff, K. D. et al. (2020) is a tick box scale of 1-5 with two variations to determine how self compassion and wellbeing can be measured. I thought this could be useful to add to my App, as it would give a score and lag within a database system perhaps the need for referral or further intervention. The NHS website has a quiz that can be taken by anyone over 16: This type of analysis would be good to gain a remote understanding of the users current level of Anxiety and then can be repeated to see if they feel any different after using the app for a certain number of times. All part of the user experience and validation.

Next steps with my App..

I am now taking some time to reflect upon the initial branding I created when looking at the App. Reviewing the nature of the apps storytelling, the customer journey and the consumer wellbeing in the application, I have decided that Walk with You may no longer fit. Firstly the App will not be a fully formed VR experience, I will be using AR within the chosen environment by the user, the app is guiding the user in their choices not walking along side them... the nature of the story is determined by the user experience so a rethink needs to happen. Glad I have taken the time to research what is appropriate.

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