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SR2 AR & VR - BIG thinking...

This week I am carrying on the thought of VR and its future use and our universe... I am finding the philosophical questions we need to ask ourselves about the new tech future facinating.

“There is not such thing as objective reality” By Greg Anderson

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Greg Anderson says "Let us image that we are in a pluriverse… all civilisations the have been before us, were real in there own reality there time, our reality is our social construct, previous older orders of civilisation were no less real, they believed in gods in equality of animal and plants, in respect for the community - the democracy. People worked for each other their family and their world...

We now face our reality as one of each person as an individual - a constructed idea from science that has eroded the meaning of our reality as one that all indiviudals are out for themselves…

“ the last 300 years we have done such a great job for being out for ourselves: wars, genocide, global warming, eradication of landscape and extinction of animals”. Our reality today needs to learn from the reality of the past and not look down upon theirs but let it influence ours.

Powerfull stuff to think of in alternative pluriverse…. we seek connection in an authentic way, we seek escapism on a level that allows us to interact directly (zoom call or VR) we as individuals face a crisis in our minds and our bodies, perhaps the question of our reality is bigger than we think, the connections we crave our ancestors already knew the answer - it was a simpler time, it was easier then…. why?

Society has integrated economic disorder, centralised loathing and allowed the negativity to spread… We place our old people away from us, we do not value care givers in the home (they can be male or female) human quality of life can learn a lot from ancient ways. Nature lifts us, community holds us and faith that our reality has meaning are the answers to the individual questions we are asking now… Our reality pushes us forward to an existence where we have symbiotic relationships with robots… but to what end?

How far can Virtual realty help with this future universe - technological advancements and learning and teaching need to help answer the philosophical questions that will shape society and make The technology realities that are not he horizon make a moral and positive affect of our world.


Will virtual and augmented reality move us into the knowledge age? | Zenka

TedX talk : Zenka's sculptures and street art paint a picture of where we are in time, and where we are going, her work looks to look at social interaction and the new developments in virtual and augmented reality. Finding new ways to visualize accelerating change begs the question: how do we prepare for fast change in the knowledge age? A question that she is looking at through her work using data, physical artwork and augmented reality.

Augmented Reality: Where art + tech = magic | Jon Mar

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