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Week 1 - DMP

So I made it - Week 1 full of apprehension... I went to a return to study seminar and used the tools they offered to help me get my head into the game for researching and study.

Week 1 is fact-finding, working out what systems we use and how the course comes together, to be honest I am lost! but then I get the feeling the other students are too and most have joined from the undergraduate course. my study proposal is due for next week (so soon!)

I am definitely wading through treacle!

I am now to find myself blogging regularly as part of my reflective practice, the skills audit I completed as part of my return to study seminar will give me a good start to what areas I will need to gain confidence in, and take heart in my strengths. I feel I am a critical thinker, always have been, trying to find answers for why processes work or don't, why someone wants a brochure but what they need is social media. And I love to solve problems, not necessarily in the crossword kind of way but more of how and why, questions that people from small businesses come to me with. From the audit I felt proud of my score, 300 wasn't bad! It said "achievement is within my grasp" that's the start I needed. When you have so much self doubt (a condition of humanity - only exempt from a few ie.Trump!) I felt that I could succeed.

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