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Week 14

Adobe Summit 28.04.21

Content creation 'A digital experience is a connected journey' content needs to be adaptable to each and every format.

This summit asked how do we remain agile and integrate technologies into our work lives - can we use data to prove effectiveness, of our campaigns and marketing tasks?

Adobe experience manager - is a content organisation tool for collaboration within marketing teams. Experience Manager directly links with photoshop in the cloud and it uses AI capabilities to produce a cut out for example. Adobe work front - is used for a work flow, assets can be shared and access by all team members Adobe Journey optimiser.

From the Adobe Summit I signed up for a storytelling interview with Melissa and Doug (toy makers) Melissa has had anxiety and depression for years and is not in a space to help others but developing a website to share that story and help others.

The website development had to provide a context, a user journey and be visually appealing.

Another example about mental health was on BBC4 from the mental health advisory group, they had found that young people actually want a face to face interaction and not just a digital experience in overcoming anxiety, (See 22 mins in)

To find these two articles gave me a better understanding that my ideas are valid and that assistance can be reached in a variety of ways.

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