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Week 2 - montage

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Module: DM7917

So my thoughts are going from ...

  • the role go the Gallery

  • the role of the Gaze

  • and the role of the Art - and here I am going to revisit sketchbooks and journaling.

Creative Review article By Rebecca Fulleylove 17.06.21 here:

After reading the article about sketch book keeping I think for this next module I shall keep a daily sketchbook for creative writing and notes and drawings. I have lost touch with my sketch book it was the thing I absolutely loved when studying my BA. The very nature of being creative is storing ideas & visual references. The creative process is one that I need to keep alive, I found this after I had spent years being freelance and my work seemed dull, I had to get the paints out again and just mess around.

The process of experimentation can be very static in the digital form - before the new applications from Adobe these are solving this for me.

Prior to lockdown I was working on a theme of repetition - digital images cut up and moved - see below. The whole idea of art made from cut outs and montages I shall explore more.

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