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Week 2 - S1 Wire it up!!


So this week we analysed the point of designing from paper. Why we should consider this was of pulling our ideas together, and how it can improve our focus.

I have had experience of wire framing before and designing website for clients and passing that to web builders to follow, the user experience is the only thing in my mind. Does it make sense - can you reach the website destination, does it make sense! these seem simple points but if you get too caught up in the 'pretty' design and forcing your preconceived ideas onto a project its going o end badly for you and your client.

Figma example of element to use in a wireframe

Thinking about wire framing we need to all be able to understand how the low fidelity wireframe works and can be understood without us speaking about it. I found the article from the NNgroup had good standards for me to consider:

We discussed the various digital platforms that enable a designer to create Low, Medium and High fidelity wireframes: POP (prototype), XD, Azure, Mockup plus, and Figma.

So during the lecture we pulled apart the website the earth museum. tried to find what it was doing and how we could streamline this huge content to easy bitesize chunks. I drew the wireframe on behalf of my team. we thought about the purpose, navigation, ease of locating the items you wanted and icon design.

My own example below of a client website that is now live with a shop and has brought more success to a local art gallery:

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