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Week 3 - an online art gallery

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Module: DM7917

So a break away allowed me to engage with art and nature. I was trying to think about my online art gallery or discoverable works...

The idea came to me about the space and line of drawing and painting. The lines of code and the text in programming, the use of space and interaction with AR and VR tech.

At the beach I started to create my idea, using the beach materials. The long straight seaweed and the beautiful rocks became a point of inspiration. I thought about the natural placement of the items on the beach, the random nature of their form. So I decided to organise nature and create form that could be interpreted into a language.

The stones became almost musical notes and the lines connecting them became their order, their connection and the binding.

I am thinking that I can make the stones 3D and then add actions to them to upload into Adobe Aero. To see what the floating stones will look like, and how we could interact with them. So I could then move forward into uploading and utilising paintings or other forms of art into Augmented reality.

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