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Week 3 - S1 - Missions ARTISTS

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

DM7903 - mission artists and Someguy

Researching other art forms and artists work is a must, seeing what people are talking about and how we can accept meaning or ideas from others is the way that art can collaborate with everyone.

Brian Singer in his artists statement says about his work

In my works on paper, I'm exploring the printed word as a visual representation of information, attempting to uncover new meaning in what is slowly becoming an outdated form. Crossing out the entirety of a written text while exposing only selected words changes the perception of the original message. Revealing word frequency adds another layer and opens new paths to understanding.

His work is Site-specific, text based, installations and public projects addressing social issues from privacy to homelessness. Examples of his work are here, go to for more of his works:

Singer's idea on new paths to understanding, makes sense in relation to my proposed app Helping others. Socially aware art needs to tap into the cultural norms and disturb them in some way so people stop and think. what is it to be good? what is a good deed? and why do people hate a goody two shoes?!

He used his 1000 sketchbooks project to launch him and his name into a whole area of design. The project was a collaborative one with the general public and from the connections the books made, the words people used, he grew these ideas into a gallery show and a reporter made a film - tracking down the missing books... the project took on a life of its own, because the will of it was not predetermined. He set up the end date and just to allow people to say what they wanted.

No reflecting on that sentence - people to say what they wanted, leads me to the negativity that social media seems to thrive on. The medium of the journal allowed for a contained and a dialogue with ones self. it was precious like a diary and for those filling it in perhaps not to be shared immediately. The immediacy fo the social media apps we have now, allow for instant words and views to be broadcast without the filter applied. When writing a letter of complaint or a letter to your boss, you would very rarely fire off the first version, you would revisit it when you had calmed down. thought about the consequences - social media today is just talking to our reptilian ancient brain, fight or flight and immediate gratification, much like a three year old does because they have not been educated into the societal norms.

So the ideas that Brian Singer made me think about had a positive effect on my app design, how to change the world? maybe one page at a time....

Here is my journey journey so far...

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