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Week 5 DMP

I have started to think about my proposal... what do I want from the MA?

I always been driven by the job of Creative Director, I need to find out how this role can apply to me and my experience and find inspirational Creative Directors who do the role today.

After a tutorial I am wondering about utilising my previous design experience and find out about teaching at HE. A creative director interacts, values, questions, engages and brings people and projects together - all the things I love to do. This also applies to teaching at HE... food for thought.

As part of the MA, I am signing up to as many platforms to gain insight and information ...

The recent Adobe Max conference 2020 has been brilliant and I have enjoyed viewing other designers work: Bret Victor 'Inventing on Principle' linking science and art - a concept I always love and have run through my career.

The concept - Art of Disruption; 'This book is a camera' by Keli Anderson - printed by Moma. She investigates what you can achieve with paper craft and how you can challenge ideas with simple items.

Other influencers:

Ralf Caplin - Author of 'By design'

Adrea Pipins - uses graphics to empower and uplift, a voice for the unheard - Author of 'I love my Hair'

Tina Touli - Creative director

Kate Moross - Creative director

What Design can do - a concept leading to a tread and global phenomenon - website to sign up to. Started with ‘Gorilla Graphics’ commentary in the newspapers and journals.

"We believe in the power of design and creativity to transform society. Money, governments or science can’t solve complex global issues on their own. We need fresh ideas, alternative strategies and provocative thoughts."

I really want to promote change, perhaps this is coming from what is happening to me... I am changing, developing, learning enables me to access that change. Evolving. A rebirth.

A bit deep but I guess this is the reason that this is the right time for my MA.

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