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Week 5 - S1 - Process and design


The linier example here, shows the process of design...

Design Process cite:

This diagram puts empathy at the beginning of the journey, we could start with Strategy, and then onto Define the issue. The interactive area of the process is Ideatation and Prototyping... defining the structure and then application of the idea into a realistic scenario can go between those two processes until we can find the answers to the defined problem. The linier process above does not allow for the ideate and prototype area to occur more than once it really needs to be explored in more detail.

We can call this a pivot point.

In this diagram we can see that design thinking allows for a process to flow - backwards and forwards.

A a class exercise we had to quickly work out a design for a new wallet. What did we need, how did it function, what innovation could we bring to a design/problem.

The initial idea formed into a multi pocket wallet on a belt, for hands free use.

Following group feedback, perhaps a security seal fingerprint opening, they liked the fashion aspect. This reflection enabled me to create a new solution

Creative review looked at the advert for Burbury in creative review, where they feature a new style wallet... similar to my first ideas... but with the thought from the second stage about leather and fashion...

So the project came full circle - what started out as theory became a reality! Click on the image below to shop the bag.

Digital fashion has become of intest on how to influence buyers. They were drawn to the ability to work with influencers without needing to give away actual goods for free.

So virtual reality is begining to start a conversation with consumers with trying outfits and posing to show how we feel / look... However, most brands haven’t jumped at the idea of digital gifting.

Article here:

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