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Week 6 - DMP

Study Week... well I set myself a little task in Adobe Premier Pro. I really wanted to be abel to edit videos, add sound and graphics... The thought of trying this with no real project had put me off for a long time. So when the opportunity arose from a request to make a YouTube channel for someone, I thought that this was the time.

I found that the course DM7900 so far has enlivened my 'give it a go' attitude - what's the worst thing that could happen? If it doesn't work and then you just scrap it.

So my Study Week mini project involved : Branding, brainstorming, video, graphic displays for video, music, and upload to a new YouTube channel, plus jumping into Adobe Premier Pro.


Positive Llama Playz is the name we brainstormed for a new YouTube channel, its a kids channel for gaming tips and play. Llama's are cool at the moment with children and we wanted it to reflect the kindness and positivity the channel would be promoting.

Graphic Displays:

I created all the assets we required to add to the video. the welcome, the goodbye and the subscribe now! (See below)

Music and Video:

The Music was created on garage band by the client. And the Video for the time being has been created by aiming an iPhone at the TV screen, so the image and sounds quality is not that great - but it is a start.

Premier Pro:

What can I have been so scared of? the pallets and tools are similar to some of the new programs I have been introduced to on the MA, and once I got into the mindset I could understand how the process works. in not much time at all I have combined all the elements into sweet little videos for upload to the channel:

There will be a future investment by the client into play capture device and mic recording equipment which will increase the look and feel of the Positive Lama Playz platform. The client also wanted to consider merchandise sales, which will be required when stardom hits, but for now here are some ideas:

Hope you can like and subscribe to Positive Lama Playz, particularly if you like Minecraft and Roadblocks!

I thought the application of the video sounds and graphics went well it is not perfect I need to work on fading images and blending the animation to video but I was pleased with the result - and the client is now heading for stardom.

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