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S2 AR & VR Week 7

BIMA beat _ creativitiy in 2021

Some excellent ideas were showcased in BIMA events.

Feels FM - by Ian Greenhill

(project was over two years ago - pre pandemic)

BIMA work with charities for young peoples mental health. This online platform would allow the user to select a playlist linked to an emoji choice. This project interested me as my idea for the 'fountain of knowledge' was to utilise colour, perhaps the universal language of the emoji would be better? it could be easier to understand by a variety of age groups and could succinctly access the need quickly.

The feels FM app was basically a survey that means that they could understand young peoples mental health. It ulimately created a spotify playlist to suit the mood, other items were added as the user journey grew - an old fashioned game boy games, info packs to order, and in case of emergency contact numbers.

The findings of this project went into a Scottish government policy and shaped a picture of young peoples mental health.

Create future - Jessica Mullen

3D audio

Colaborative works between Expedia and Creative Future. They recorded in 8 locations in America, the authenticity of the sound was important so this was built into the projects budget.

Binural sound a mike that has plastic ears on it to capture the sounds the same way as a human ear would. Take aways from the project: Test your ideas early as they did an audience survey where people didn’t get it and didn’t like it, so the customer journey was altered to accept this information.

BIGUP AI - Sara Pouri

Research project about women and their connection with AI. Bigup.AI - power up your language.

The app dealt with societal ideal for women. The reinforced stereotypes of women not pushing themselves forward enough in the job market, the language that women use on job applications can hold them back from interviews. This AI was to engage women with an app that could redress this, it de-aligns the negative social feedback that assertive women get in the workplace for example: bossy lady, on your period? can you be more ladylike? discriminatory language prevails in business.

BIGUP.AI its an web portal to big yourself up. Powered by Microsoft’s natural technology to convert a suggestion into an assertive statement, the bot is to help with confidence and help women make better statements.

All these projects I saw alignments with my app, I need visual and aural storytelling, believable and transportive sounds. Recognition of emotions and feelings by the user. Positive language and the use of a bot to gain user information and instant assistance to the user of my proposed App.

My investigations need to incorporate these items to make my App a success.

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