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Week 7 - DMP

I think Week 7 snowballed quickly into a lot of different areas, probably too much for one blog post...


Thoughts turn to the assignments, for the course, and which way is the MA taking me. I have worked out whilst looking at the pathways for the MA that I have a lot of industry experience already, marketing, branding, advertising, promotions, art theory etc. All of these elements combined would allow me to make the connections on the course that could round myself into a mentor or a teacher.

I have thought more and more about this recently... I started at UoW years ago on the Primary Ed teacher training course and then swapped to a straight degree that would let me to play with my art and investigate theory along with the study of media and film (See my final show image left). Moving images have always fascinated me, the associated props, sounds and texture to make a successful film was an area I really enjoyed picking apart.

The MA is going to give me the opportunity to develop new skills and add to my existing in a meaningful way.
So I have looked into teaching at HR.

A Careers Hub talk on 04/11/20 given by UoW Tom spoke of the pathways to teaching.

Teach your Passion > Personal skills > life experience > PHD?

So art is my life... from painting to graphics and all that is in between. I feel that I could bring something to a team. Key points Tom spoke of were; SEEK teaching experiences / volunteer in the sector, NEED to be published - talk with authority, BLOG or portfolio of work (I think I have this covered), SHOW that you are engaged in the field (doing my MA shows a commitment to engagement).

After speaking to my tutor an opportunity arose to give a presentation to the second year students about how research informs my work as a graphic designer. I was really pleased to be asked and created a 30 minute PPT which I think went down well and allowed students to ask questions about practice, about client expectations, about payments and valuing your work.

Here is the presentation:

Presentation to 2nd years UoW sm
Download PDF • 4.20MB

I enjoyed the experience - felt satisfied imparting my knowledge - and hope that perhaps something I said helps the students as they move from their degree into work or further ed.

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