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Week 7 - S1 - how can we change?


Albert Bandura - social cognative theory

I am interested in making social change, making a better community from the help of others is an aim for my app. But how can I do that...

"Learning Doesn’t Always Lead to a Behavioral Change

Behaviorists argue that learning leads to a permanent change in behavior. However, Bandura showed that observational learning can occur without the learner demonstrating any new behavior. In other words, you can observe, imitate, or model something but you might not learn it. He explored the question of what needs to happen for an observable behavior to be learned (in addition to observation) and cited four necessary steps: attention, retention, reproduction, and motivation".

So if we can model behaviour perhaps we cannot change the landscape of our future generations - if that is the case what and how do we change the social landscape to do good rather than carry on the same stereotypes and outdated thinking of marginalised groups?

This is an interesting concept as it talks of change with relation to make a change to a personal circumstance - and how you can think about that.

Feedback from my powerpoint presentation for the Helping others app, highlighted my collage approach as a really unique proposition. An example was given to me about The Tyrrels adverts for crisps due to their repurposing of old photography into something new. We also spoke of the environmental friendliness of this by reusing images and not wasting carbon making new ones.

I have been experimenting with Adobe Capture, to gain some different brushes and textural images... I have added a caption and thought about the comic book styling for my app design. Journaling helps me to think about the project and how I can explain my ideas to a new audience, also how can I create change.

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