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Week 8 - DMP


So this week our MA exposed us to a new programs Unity, where I created a game!

Have a go here:

This screen shot shows part of the Hierarchy on the left, where you can alter the track, style and colour of objects. I found the X and Y positioning tricky when rotating but with more use I am sure it would get easier.

The process for the game design was really enjoyable trying to figure out the program layout was most challenging but once the order of things was worked out I felt comfortable with it. Luckily I am an organised person so my files always follow a convention, anyone can pick them up and work with them (a blessing of a good freelancer).

Skills Workshop WK8

This week also saw some layout design in Illustrator, with Ian.

I do not usually create poster layouts in Illustrator but thought that some of the skills I picked up could be useful. particularly the new cropping tool in the latest version of AI - no more clipping masks!

The image here on the left is the original, the middle image illustrates using the hand drawn grid method and my final image is on the right in the new layout.

Digital Trends Research...

Reading around the subject of the decline of the magazines, an area that I have worked on, the advertising revenue has declined steadily from 2016 to date (source: and the digital spend for the magazine brands has increased slightly 0.2%. The article speaks of a new industry measurement system, Audience Measurement for Publishers (AMP). A tool that gives a better idea of the reach of the advertising based on all their activities and not just magazines sold. The influence of established brands are now seen to be far reaching and relevant, PAMCo (the update of the AMP) is funded by UK publishers, and the scepticism of the past about "who knows who sees your advert" has been disrupted with the catch up of developer technologies and new algorithms, proving ways of measuring success the digital field.

‘The advertisers we speak to are voicing ever-clearer concerns around things like measurement’ says James Wildman, CEO at Hearst Magazines UK and new chairman for Magnetic, the marketing body for magazines.

The article form 2018 talks about the change in TV advertising too and how adverts can be tailored to the audience viewing the program not just a blanket splurge of the brand for those not even interested. A great infographic below by Deloitte (14th edition of media trends, USA) gives a brand view of who is watching...

Deloitte Media Trends 14th Edition

This was commissioned in May 2020. Deloite conducted this survey to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic had changed media consumption habits. The digital consumption of these groups is being driven by the people themselves and not the market deciding what the people want.

What we found is that the COVID-19 story isn’t so much “before and after” as it is “before and faster.”

I think that enticed by a discount rate or free trial people have signed up to subscriptions but have no worries about cancelling them when they no longer deliver content they desire…. Disney launched their own channel (a few years in the making) and decided to launch in Covid, this was probably the best launch they could have wished for - an audience keen to occupy home schooled kids, a time for

family movies and retro films. But even now, 6 months in, they are being canny with the film release as the film industry has taken a massive blow with the hault of film production. Major titles which would provide the box office smashes are now not available - so as a consumer I feel that they are pacing the titles they enticed me with and not delivering so I am about to get rid of the subscription, its not longer fit for purpose. This is the new cut and thrust of the digital scene, and as you can see the magazine industry in these new 2020 stats is really on a par with other printed materials.

Gaming expands during the pandemic

Gaming behaviour was analysed in the Deloites trend document. Since the onset of the crisis, video gaming activities have accelerated considerably acording to Patrick Shanley, “Gaming usage up 75 percent amid coronavirus outbreak, Verizon reports,” Hollywood Reporter, March 17, 2020.

I think that young gamers are driving content and the binge consumption of gaming - but playing in a social way. Sharing that content on all social platforms allows the fuel of; Competition, time and technology to enabled growth in this market. Here is my illustration of the success of gaming:

Venn diagram of self motivation, pandemic influence and consumerism
Tina Scahill Design of Why Gaming during the pandemic has been a success. Dec 2020

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