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Week 9 - S1

Updated: Nov 28, 2021


Iterate development - improving a process in small chunks. Iterate development eliminates usability flaws it minimises costs and time wasted. Prototyping follows the flow of UX and UI thinking,

Our lecture spoke of a 'Charrette' : A charrette is a focused work session where a project team kicks-off the integrated design process, reviews project expectations, and explores design strategies that are most appropriate to achieve a project's sustainable design goals.

Iterate design, can also help with visualisation for clients, they cannot see what you can.This will help me with my project to look at the elements I need to change and improve.

Thinking about my App design, I have researched motivation and am looking to the stylistic elements and gamification to enable people to engage with the apps purpose which is to Boost your GOOD.

The iteration process reminded me of Agile working cycle. How Agile/Scrum gets work done the core process by Stephen Denning is:

1. Work is organized in short cycles.

2. The management doesn’t interrupt the team during a work cycle.

3. The team reports to the client, not the manager.

4. The team estimates how much time work will take.

5. The team decides how much work it can do in an iteration.

6. The team decides how to do the work in the iteration.

7. The team measures its own performance.

8. Work goals are defined before each cycle starts.

9. Work goals are defined as outcomes through user stories.

10. Managers systematically remove impediments.

None of these practices is by itself new. What is new is doing all the practices together in a disciplined way to get all work done.

Instead of the prevailing vertical ideology of control, Agile and Scrum reflected a horizontal ideology of enablement. The goal was to create a workspace that could draw on the full talents and capabilities of those doing the work to deliver value to customers, and systematically remove any impediments to success. This ideology was a good fit with a business environment that required continuous innovation.

Stephen Dennings article can be accessed here:

In the last quote we can see how the 'Charrette' process has many of these temaworking ideal when iterating an idea/product/design.

Through my research I discovered and downloaded an excellent styled ebook.

If only my hand writing was as nice as this!!

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