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What is ambient Occlusion?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

New learning terminology for me, thinking about 3D work and design. Light source and a realism is very important to the suspension of audience belief, when the things that resemble real life we believe the things we see in everyday life. The sun rises and the sun sets, the shadows and atmosphere of a day, we are aware of although may not acknowledge it.

"Ambient occlusion is a shading and rendering method used for global background or indirect shading of objects. This method is used to add more realism to the render because it creates soft global shadows that contribute to the visual separation of objects."


An exhibition at the concerns itself with “forming, shaping, conceiving.” The work of the three artists Sofia Dona, Andrea Acosta and writer Mara Genschel have dealt with the creativity of the artistic world and the fictional space. Fiction (in this exhibition) denotes the shaping of the existing world, the real. Fiction for these artists is a way to gain distance, to interrogate realities, to see them anew.

In terms of content, they are devoted to the playful to brutal relationship between man and animal, the claimed mastery of the historical Bauhaus and the stones with which the master houses were once built.

I was very interested in them and term of fiction within the Bauhaus project. The narrative through the stones, like pebbles on the beach, like the rock you select out of a thousand rocks. The feel and the presence of the earthy history they represent.

I am thinking about my project of working with stones and building that AR experience - to build desire...

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