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You are beautiful

why is that so hard to believe?

Eighteen year-old photographer and student, Shea Glover, decided to "film what I thought was beautiful.

Facial expressions are very hard to conceal - the work on micro expressions by Paul Eckman. He theorised that some basic human emotions (happiness/enjoyment, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust and contempt) are innate and shared by everyone, and that they are accompanied across cultures by universal facial expressions. The work I do with Psychologist Mr John Parr Msc is also concerned with these, and this is going to help form part of my work towards my 3D module DM7909.

Playing with imagery and ownership of images, Beeple (Mike Winckleman) sold his work 'Everydays: the first 5000 days (2021)' as an NFT for $69.3 Million. It's a digital mosaic composed of images that Beeple has released on the web, one a day, since May 1, 2007. This “Everydays” series is more or less the digital equivalent of a sketchbook. The 3D graphics gets more and more elaborate as we get closer to the present.

Landing page of the website for Beeple
Beeple still making his everyday works

What is beauty?
What is the cost?
What is the price?
How much will you pay?
How long will it last?
How can you justify?
Who owns who?
Who owns your image?
Who has rights?
Where will it end....


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