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Global Goals - heroes to the rescue


After discovering the new range of Marvel comic heroes - i started to research if other global organisations were looking to utilise the style and the format to help get positive messages across.


Meet Cipta, a 15 year old superhero who uses the power of art to stand up against bullying. The creation of 18 year old student and illustrator Rizka, winner of UNICEF's Superhero Comic Contest.

There is a great video animation talking about the 17 points, starring Serina Williams,

In a Creative Review article (NOV21) Comic book - the rise of Marvel, they analyse the Marvel brand.

"What’s so joyous about Marvel’s design is that it isn’t scared to opt for the most obvious route. There’s no delicate sans serifs or minimal symbols, everything is confidently OTT, which feels particularly avant garde in an era of the homogenisation of visual culture."

Maybe corporations and startups would even benefit from a tiny sprinkle of Marvel’s approach, Stinson suggests. “Instead of drawing your visual inspiration from other market comparisons, and the other types of companies you want to look like, maybe having a slightly off-kilter reference point is not such a bad idea,” she says. If that means the era of blanding comes to an end in favour of flaming, chrome-polished type and drop shadows galore, then so be it. Marvel By Design is published by Gestalten.

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